Informatica – Manuale di teoria ed esercizi

Times when computing was strictly reserved for IT gurus are far away. Increasingly powerful hardware has laid the groundwork for ever more intuitive user interfaces that allow to take advantage of the technology in no time.

However, this great user-friendliness is not much useful when it becomes necessary to go beyond the simple setup of a password, someone asks you to manually configure an email account, or you need to manage your ADLS router at home. The problem is that under this superficial layer of ease of use, there it is still a need to know the world of tech concepts that remain essential to use the myriad of devices that surrounds us. This is true for simple do-it-yourself tasks, but particularly to deal with study and work.

These are the basic principles that guided me in the design ” Informatica – Manuale di teoria ed esercizi ” for the series Hoepli Test, a book intended primarily for those who must prepare university admission tests, public or military competitions, but which is also characterized as a valuable reference tool to learn the basic concepts necessary to address the world of computing, both in terms of hardware and software.

The arguments are organized for large thematic areas balancing synthesis and completeness to provide an effective tool that allows learning all that revolves around computing science, from the developments of the first computers to networks, the internet and the latest communication tools.

Each area is accompanied by numerous practical examples. At the bottom of each area there is a series of exercises, always complete with commented solution, for a quick learning.
The book ends with a glossary of terms to recall all the main concepts that must be part of everyone’s computer baggage.