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Dizionario dei Modi di dire

An interesting app from Edigeo for all those interested of the most curious aspects of the spoken language. Like all living languages, Italian constantly takes in new idioms; some of them will gain ground, others remain confined to specific sectors or jargon, others quickly disappear. All of them, however, constitute a true mirror of their times.

In addition to the more traditional and ancient idioms and expressions, the dictionary includes more recent idioms deriving from journalese, political and legal jargon and from the world of cinema and television.

Beside being a useful reference tool, this app is also an interesting and enjoyable method for finding out the sometimes unpredictable relationship between spoken language and the history, culture and lifestyle of the Italian society where it originated.

The app’s interface allows you to search the subject index, to search within the phrases and idioms, and also full-text.













  • More than 8.000 idioms
  • More than 1.500 subject search

Main Features

  • Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod con iOS 6 e versioni successive
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets Android 4.x and later versions
  • User interface in Italian and English
  • The app can be used offline
  • Subject index search
  • Search within the phrases and idioms, or full-text

The app Dizionario dei Modi di dire Hoepli is available on the following online stores:

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