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Classic Greek Dictionary

The app Grande Dizionario Greco Classico by Jannis Korinthios aims to reconcile a scientific treatment with a clear, comprehensive and simple explanation, following the latest spreading and communication forms; it is mainly intended to satisfy the needs of classical secondary school and university students. Designed with innovative graphical and textual features, the dictionary stands out […]


Everyone can create a website … or not?

In recent years, we’ve seen significant progresses in the software: in many sectors, such as graphics and publishing, programs have been created that have redefined the standard in processing processes. However, all this power does not guarantee that those who use them are a good graphic or a good editor. The same happened with the […]

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Beyond Wikipedia…

The word “encyclopedia” has now become synonymous with “Wikipedia”, and vice versa. In less than two decades this extraordinary reference tool has become the most important source of knowledge on the Internet. Unfortunately, for many people it has also become the only one, obsuring a loto of other works with a long history of excellence […]

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New Economics and Business

The app New Economics and Business is an English-Italian encyclopedic dictionary spanning every branch of finance and economy, from international trade to economics and financial politics, from accountancy to management, from statistics to law. This new edition offers a rich set of headwords related to these areas, with particular attention to the new finance developments. […]

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Legal lexicon in 3 languages

The app Legal Lexicon in 3 languages by Alfredo Snozzi is the first juridical trilingual dictionary (Italian-German-French), with more than 10.000 headwords and expressions taken from the juridical, political, and administrative language. Although pointed on the Italian and Swiss law systems, the data bank is full of links to legislations and juridical terminology of other […]

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Online or printed dictionaries?

An increasing number of users prefer using online dictionaries than traditional printed versions. This figure is confirmed by the continuous decrease in the sales of these works in bookstores. On the other hand, it is understandable that in the face of an expense that often exceeds 100 euros, many prefer to use the online or […]

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l’Enciclopedia Zanichelli

The Zanichelli Encyclopaedia is a powerful tool intended to work out doubtful information, clear up ideas, supply certainties, suggest new issues of discussion in any branch of knowledge. You will find proper names along with specialist expressions and common nouns requiring an encyclopaedic investigation; all entries are developed in a comprehensive way, with a great […]

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Garzantina Antichità Classica

The app “le Garzantine – Antichità Classica” is a complete overview of Greek and Latin civilizations, touching every aspect: from Pericles to Augustus, and from Aeschylus to Lucretius, the whole history, with prominent figures, places and peoples, traditions, religion and myths, language and literature, theatre and music, philosophy and science, art, architecture, and archaeology: an […]

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Technical Dictionary FR-IT

The Hoepli Technical Dictionary French-Italian/Italian-French is an invaluable tool for translators, technicians and companies which work with French-speaking countries. This new revised and expanded edition is the result of an impressive project undertaken by Edigeo involving numerous professional figures as well as compilers and lexicographers. In addition to the terminology of classic branches of learning, […]

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Russian Dictionary

The new edition of Julia Dobrovolskaya Hoepli Dictionary Russian-Italian/Italian-Russian is a unique reference for students, teachers, and translators. It presents an up-to-date list of entries and a practical approach of entries display, including an impressive range of registers: from literary to colloquial meanings, soviet and post-soviet bureaucratic, realias, popular and slang expressions.       […]